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What Clients Say About Us

Committed to Overall Client Satisfaction

Right Fit Recruiting, LLC strives to provide the highest quality of recruiting services. Read on to find out what our clients say about our founder, Thaddeus Dunn.

"Changes in careers can be stressful and finding the right fit can be challenging, but I was fortunate to meet Thaddeus Dunn, CEO of Right Fit Recruiting and work with him to successfully obtain an executive leadership position at one of the oldest and largest minority-run nonprofit organizations in the nation.

I can't say enough about his dedication to customer service and professionalism. I would highly recommend Right Fit Recruiting"

-Luis Pico, Controller

Black Veterans for Social Justice, New York City 


Your Feedback Matters

If we’ve recently worked with you, please let us know your experience or any feedback you may have about us. Kindly fill out the form on this page to send us your review.





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