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Professional Recruiters With Integrity and Reliability

Call for Recruitment Consultants

Right Fit Recruiting, LLC serving national organizations is a recruitment firm which sources for the right candidate using various strategies. We maintain unique recruiting standards that are reliable, trustworthy, time-sensitive, transparent, and conducted with personal touch.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide successful results in filling up the vacant positions in your business. We’re here to help organizations in identifying and hiring the right candidates.


About Our Founder/CEO:

Thaddeus Dunn, originally from New York City,  is the Founder and CEO of Right Fit Recruiting, LLC - Which is a national employment agency engaged in executive search placement for public and private institutions such as hospitals, banks, retail and non-profit organizations.

About the business:

The business was born out of the observation that there is a need to connect qualified employees with the right recruiting personnel within major institutions.

One of our solutions:

One of our solutions is to take time to listen to your concerns and hiring needs in order to develop the right plan to connect you with the best candidates available.

We accomplish this by providing you with a viable and sustainable pipeline of qualified candidates who come from our years of experience, personal relationships, and the most current social media technology platforms.

Benefit to you:

Resulting in the placement of the right candidates so that you can concentrate on running your day to day operations

Thaddeus as a Professional

When working with clients, Thaddeus takes time to understand our clients’ needs, build trusting relationships, and communicate clearly and timely throughout the consulting engagement.

As a result, he eases the clients’ minds about filling vacant positions by identifying and placing the right candidates into the right roles. This way, the clients can focus on their daily operational responsibilities of managing their departments and organizations.

Thaddeus continually exceeds clients’ expectations, resulting in high accolades, repeat businesses, and higher number of referrals. He enjoys the challenge of strategic sourcing and recruiting the ideal talent for vacant roles.

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