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Humanizing the Recruitment Process: Right Fit Recruiting

The recruitment process can be long, hard and exclusive. It can be defeating for various diverse groups, sexual orientations, and disabilities - who already have enough challenges in their everyday life.

That’s why Thaddeus Dunn started Right Fit Recruiting LLC with a mission to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality. He says “humanizing” the recruitment process is to bring a sense of belonging to all candidates and help clients be aware of unconscious bias.

“It’s important that candidate slates are purposeful, intentionally diverse, and inclusive in order to reflect the world in which we live.” 

- Thaddeus Dunn

Right Fit Recruiting is founded in Buffalo, NY and serves a number of different industries such as Healthcare, Nonprofits, Financial Institutions,Government and City Agencies. Thaddeus Dunn is well-connected to the Buffalo Community as well as nationally and has a proven track record of over 20 years’ expertise in the recruitment field. Mr. Dunn was appointed to the Board for the National Association of African-American Human Resource Professionals representing Western New York, specifically Buffalo, as VP Membership Services. He also sits on the Canisius College Science Department Physician Assistant Program Committee. He serves on the Admissions and Program Advisory Committee and plays a critical role in student selection process and programming.

One SR HR Executive Leader had this to say about Right Fit Recruiting, “There are not enough words for me to describe the high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication of Mr. Thaddeus Dunn. Mr. Dunn's commitment to finding the best and most qualified candidate is immeasurable! The name of this agency, Right Fit is perfect as they are committed to identifying the Right Fit! I highly recommend this organization for ALL staffing needs!”

- Marlene Heath, Chief Administrative/Chief Human Resources Officer Start Treatment & Recovery Centers

Interested in Right Fit Recruiting? Visit our website and request a free quote for your business. You can also call (929) 351-4481 or email at We look forward to connecting with you. 

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